SYNOPSIS: The Los Angeles Area OBOD Seed Groups propose to adopt an area of the Franklin Canyon Park for tree planting and maintenance, and eventually to create a naturalistic non-denominational meditation installation surrounded by indigenous oak trees.


The Los Angeles OBOD Seed Groups (LA OBOD SGs) propose to adopt an area of Franklin Canyon Park (yet to be designated by Park officials) in the vicinity of some existing oak trees and with some open flat area adjacent. The LA OBOD SGs will provide services in the form of tree planting, tree watering, trash removal, path creation leading to the site and other maintenance tasks, such as fire breaks, as assigned by the Park administration.

Walking a labyrinth is a traditional meditation practice in many cultural and religious traditions. Labyrinths appear in many ethnic and religious traditions, including Islamic, Judaic, and Christian traditions, as well as Buddhist and other non-Judaic-Christian traditions. Therefore a labyrinth embraces the cultural diversity of Los Angeles and provides a place where different cultural and religious groups can come together in meditation and spiritual congress.

The LA OBOD SGs will over several years, layout a labyrinth consisting of pathways in a spiraling design outlined in indigenous materials: football sized stones outlining the pathways and decomposed granite on the pathway. Indigenous flowers would be planted between the pathways.

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The paths of the labyrinth would be 2 feet wide to allow people to walk the paths. Those areas are marked in white in the diagram. The black areas would be 1 foot wide and planted in indigenous wild flowers. The paths would be outlined in football sized stones, and the walking area would be spread with decomposed granite to keep down the weeds.

The labyrinth would have a 33 feet radius, or be 66 feet in diameter approximately when completed. If placed near several pre-existing oak trees, LA OBOD SGs would plant another dozen trees to surround the labyrinth. The path providing ingress into the site would also be maintained to provide access to the public.
The development of the site would be staged in over several years. And the labyrinth would be listed with the World Wide Labyrinth Locator,, thereby enriching the natural and cultural resources of Los Angeles.